Idea to Reality

Global Innovations Labs brings ideas to reality by build Minimum Viable Products in short timelines. Our quick to market method helps us turn your ideas to reality within weeks. Our cloud application methodology supports building, deploying and refining concepts and ultimately bringing them to reality. We support mainstream IaaS and PaaS such as Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure, and Heroku as deployment targets. Like most of its peers and competitors in the market, GIL embraced Docker to deliver agility and flexibility to customers. It is a principled approach to new product development.

Machine Learning

GIL is all about innovating processes to add value to the customers’ businesses. Machine learning help us innovate faster by using Big Data to understand our customer’s problems. We leverage Big Data to understand user behaviour and suggest possible solutions for businesses.

Cloud migration and planning

GIL helps enterprises migrate to cloud by providing the best in class planning and consultation. We help enterprises plan their usage and consumption of cloud services by assessing the current IT assets. Our team of certified cloud professionals provide quick and constant support during the migration process.